Steps To Become A Better Lover With Kolkata Escort Services

With Kolkata Escort Services you can overcome one of the most challenging things a man can do with his time is to make his girlfriend or wife happy. Since women’s priorities shift so frequently, understanding their desires can be difficult.

Satisfying one’s physical desires is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the primary interests of any individual who is healthy. In addition, there is widespread consensus that your wife/ girlfriend is a contented and devoted partner, however, that is contradicting in itself. According to Kolkata escort services, a man may become a better lover by following some fundamental techniques, regardless of how skilled or inexperienced he may be in the bedroom.

Any time is a good time to develop one’s lover skills; it doesn’t matter how old you are or what your current energy level is. Top-Class Escorts in Kolkata discuss the most effective techniques for pleasing a woman in bed and rising to the status of a revered and famous lover.

Before getting into the specifics, escorts in Kolkata want to emphasise how important it is for women to have the experience of being appreciated, loved, wanted, and physically stimulated. Therefore, before ever considering any form of physical intimacy, good lovers engage the mental and emotional faculties of their partners’ partners.

In order to clear up any confusion, this article will walk you through some tried and tested methods that have been successful in starting sensual fires in bedrooms. Below are mentioned, some of the crucial methods as per the Best Kolkata Escorts Service to become a good lover.

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According to the testimonies of the best escorts in Kolkata, a man with a pleasant scent is a universal turn-on for any woman. You need to groom yourself really nicely. Take a shower and make sure to apply a wonderful scented soap and perfumes all over your body before getting out for a meeting. Make use of mouth risers that smell like mint or other citrus fruit. Shave. Make sure that your fingernails are rounded by using a nail clipper.

High-Class Escorts in Kolkata report that any sharp or rough nail or dry skin feels unpleasant in their bodies. It is usually great to wear a scent that is pleasant, sweet, and morning-appropriate, considering your woman is not sensitive to perfume.


Top Class Escorts in Kolkata have confirmed that the brain is the major female sexual organ. As a result, you should ensure that your home or room is tidy and has a good aroma. In addition, Kolkata escorts recommend spraying some gorgeous room sprays or lighting scented candles all about the room in order to make the environment more alluring. You should check beforehand to make sure that your girlfriend is not allergic to the fragrance you are using.

Keep in mind that in order to improve your woman’s intercourse experience, you need to appeal to all of her senses. Allow your girlfriend some time to relax and take in the aromas. Allow her the maximum amount of time to unwind. You can offer her some drinks to refresh and relax before the business.

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Premium Call Girls in Kolkata believe that having an open and honest chat with your partner may be difficult. Nevertheless, you have the option of taking her out to dinner or for some drinks to ease yourselves. You are free to broach the subject while you are out on the date and await her responses.

You need to be prepared to start asking more open-ended questions if she only gets short replies like yes and no. According to independent call girls, several women feel embarrassed when discussing erotic matters with their relationships. Therefore, for her to express her thoughts freely, you should provide a secure and free of judgement setting.

If your girlfriend avoids talking about her sensual preferences at the beginning of the conversation, the Kolkata escort service recommends that you give her some space to breathe and continue talking about other issues. Bring up the topic once the initial thirty minutes have passed. You have to keep going through this cycle until she reveals what she is expecting.

You might ask her thoughts on things like adult movies, erotic positions, favourite arousing locations, favourite sensual toys, role plays, and the most effective method to approach these activities. We suggest that you need to get a description from her of the things that she finds nice and exciting, as well as the things she does not like. The one conversation with your spouse that will provide you with the greatest return on investment is the one in which you find out her sensual preferences.

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According to the High-Class escorts in Kolkata, every man has the same body parts, but we don’t all know how to use them in the same ways. The majority of adult males will never acquire knowledge about their erogenous zones because of inadequate education and knowledge. To make matters worse, guys have a poor understanding of the female anatomy. They are oblivious to the fact that the female body contains dozens of erogenous zones spread out across the entire body.

High Profile female escorts suggest dedicating some of your time to learning about the erogenous areas that are most frequent in your companion. You and your fortunate companion will be able to experience previously unimaginable pleasure as a result of the effort that you put into completing this task.


Even if you don’t have any erotic intentions, Escort services in Kolkata recommend that you give your girlfriend an exploratory massage so that you may locate her most sensitive areas. You can examine every part of her body, from her head to her toes, as long as you use the excuse of giving her a massage.

According to high-class escorts, the most effective method for performing this whole-body analysis is to combine a number of distinct touches and apply varying degrees of pressure to the target areas. Obviously, you need to observe the way in which her face and skin react to each stimulation in order to locate her important zones.

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Starting on the head and behind the ears, paying attention to the ear lobes is the common recommendation made by independent call girls in Kolkata. When working with the ear lobes, you need to exercise extreme caution; however, you can release tension by gently pulling both ears in the opposite direction. Examine her head, particularly the area around her eyes, as well as her neck and shoulders, as well as her upper and lower back.

We advise clients to avoid the abdomen or tummy area since it has the potential to bring on unfavourable sensations brought on by body shame or personal concerns. Before you begin working on her stomach, you should first commend her physical shape and the sexiness of her tummy.

Kolkata escorts service claims that stimulating their clients’ thighs enables them to have an orgasm that is better, faster, and more intense. In addition, the muscles in the legs are a frequent site for the accumulation of tension. Also, Escorts in Kolkata claim that it is enough to drive a man crazy if he is able to learn how to stimulate the foot soles and execute a reflexology massage.

To be more specific, you shouldn’t touch her breasts or groyne because women have a tendency to overreact to physical stimuli like that. An independent call girl in Kolkata has confirmed that when you stimulate a woman’s erogenous body zones in the appropriate way, causing her to become aroused, she will lead you. As a demonstration, she will put your hands on her breast and in her crotch, which will indicate that she is prepared.

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The most effective instrument for achieving contentment is preparation. High Profile call girls in Kolkata said that female clients often complain about the lack of foreplay that occurs during intimate moments. To point out, escorts agree that the longer the relationship, the shorter the time men devote to foreplay.

As a direct result of this, sensual dissatisfaction for women increases in frequency in partnerships that are longer. Partners that simply care about themselves are extremely offensive to women. Nobody likes a lover who is just concerned with achieving what they want, even if it means denying their partner the opportunity to have an orgasmic experience.

On the other side, if a man takes the time to make his girlfriend happy by giving her what she wants and ensuring that she has a good time, she will be his devoted follower and come back for more.

Kolkata Escort Service has found that the response time of a woman’s body is significantly slower than that of a man’s. Moreover, female minds are overloaded with worries and insecurities, which prevent them from reaching climax. To guarantee that your partner has a satisfying female orgasm, it is essential that you assist her in letting go of her tension and putting her worries to rest.

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In order to explain the fundamental routine that must be a part of every foreplay, Kolkata Escort service mentions their known preferred sequence desired below.

  • Make eye contact with your partner and tell her how stunning she is while also expressing how much affection you have for her.
  • A kiss on the bottom lip should be brief and dry if you want us to recommend it. Independent Escorts in Kolkata say that it is not a good idea to begin a date with a lengthy French kiss.
  • Stimulate her back by making light, circular motions with both hands so that pressure is applied to both her upper and lower back. Imagine you are shaping clay, as this is a helpful sensual tip. You will always be using both hands, first gripping the muscles in the neck with one hand and then performing a circular massage in the upper and lower back with the other hand.
  • After that, grip each shoulder while maintaining the circular movement on the butts and lower back. The Kolkata escorts want to remind clients that they shall continue kissing the woman with the movement.
  • You shall take your time and not be in a hurry at any point. Besides, you must keep visual contact. In addition to that, you should make some noises like you’re breathing. You should alternate shallow and quick breaths with slow and deep breaths while keeping your mouth as close to her ears as possible.
  • When your partner demonstrates signs of arousal, such as shallow breathing, dilated pupils, red lips, and motions of the hips, you are free to enter her sensitive zones. After stimulating and touching her across her entire body, they proceed to examine her breasts and genitalia.
  • The breasts are quite sensitive, therefore it’s important to massage them gently, say top-class escorts in Kolkata. It is essential to refrain from touching the nipple until you see an overall increase in the tone of the breasts.

It is important to keep in mind that you should always begin around the hips and thighs before moving closer to the groin and pubis, as recommended by Kolkata Escort Services.

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Everyone is taught, beginning in kindergarten, to place priority on the ladies. High-Class Kolkata Escorts say that exercising self-control is essential in order to have a more pleasurable sexual experience. Women want attention to them, and in order to generate a lot of anticipation, you need to reach the highest possible level of excitement.

After a woman’s mind has been stimulated, all that is needed is some time for her to go through the necessary four stages in order to reach an explosive climax. It is your responsibility to offer her the right amount of stimulation so that she can attain her climax or conclusion. Independent call girls advise clients to perform the foreplay routine both forwards and backwards unless their partner requests otherwise.


By scheduling an appointment with our Escort Agency in Kolkata, you will have the fantastic opportunity to obtain information of professional nature from mature escorts in Kolkata.

You can quickly become an expert in the art of seduction with the guidance and instruction that you receive from Escorts in Kolkata. Escorts in Kolkata have, in point of fact, assisted hundreds of successful men in overcoming their anxieties and enhancing their erotic prowess.

Ruchika Ghosh

Age: 25
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