Health Benefits Of Having An Intimate Companion

In today’s modern age, and the busy lifestyle that we lead, it is very difficult to find a peaceful time to rejuvenate. The lifestyle of today is even a barrier for people to reach the maximum potential of their physical and mental health. Lack of love or the inability to find the right partner is another problem that leaves a man alone and lonely. Even if he finds a person she would not go ahead without any commitment, which to men seems the most difficult thing to do.

That is where the Kolkata Escort Service steps in. Today in this article, we will discuss the different health benefits of dating or spending time with our Kolkata Divas, one of the best Kolkata Escort Agency. They are experts in providing a time of solace and peace to their clients by providing them company and intimacy, leaving them relaxed and helping them cope with their physical and mental struggles.

Let us take a look at the different health benefits of intimacy with one of the most premium escorts of Kolkata Divas.

Neha Patel

Age: 22

First things first, Love-making boosts ‘Happy Hormones’ in your body

Making love or physical intimacy releases a mixture of chemicals that makes you feel good and happy, by triggering the feeling of pleasure in your brain. The mixture of chemicals that is released are oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, which ends up making you feel euphoric and increase feelings of affection, connection and intimacy. It also helps lower the stress hormone in your body called cortisol.

It creates a bond between you and your companion from Kolkata Escort Service

Amongst the brain chemicals and hormones discussed in the aforementioned point, oxytocin is the one linked with creating a connection or a bond. Physical intimacy instantly makes you feel that rush of affection and attraction with your partner, which aids oxytocin release making you feel bonded with them. It also helps in establishing relationship satisfaction, especially if you are looking for a long-term bond with a single escort companion.

Urvi Singh

Age: 21

Feeling loved directly impacts your self-esteem, boosting confidence and mental health

In addition to releasing happy hormones, like we discussed in the first point, making love and getting loved also helps reduce the stress hormone called cortical, which in turn aids self-esteem and helps boost your confidence. It improves your feeling of self-worth.

It helps reduce anxiety and stress and aids mental health

Kolkata Escort Agency’s girls are an expert in providing companionship services, leaving no room for you to feel lonely or bored. With the lifestyle that people lead today, full of professional and personal life stresses, they are bound to have mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Our escorts provide you with the service of literal companionship and won’t leave your side.

They would literally escort you like a dutiful companion making you feel loved and valued, which in turn will make you feel self-worth and make you feel less stressed. A bond or a connection of understanding and trust is all one needs to battle anxiety and stress, and our Kolkata Divas of Ruby Escort Agency are here to do just that.

Physical intimacy increases your blood circulation, while decreasing your blood pressure

The process of making love increases your heart rate while dilating your blood vessels. Dilating of blood vessels increases the blood flow in your body and impacts your circulation system decreasing your blood pressure. Increase in blood circulation makes your skin look healthier and leaves you feeling more energetic. Truly, making love is good for your heart, both metaphorically and literally.

Urvi Singh

Age: 21

Amber Chritiana

Age: 24

Physical intimacy help relieve headache and boost immune system

The dilation of blood vessels and increase in blood pressure and blood circulation that we discussed in the last point, also help relieve headaches. All of the points discussed above collectively also help you boost your immune system.

It helps you tone muscles while burning calories

Physical intimacy involves a lot of movement. Movements similar to those of working out and moving your muscles. This helps you tone your muscles and burn some calories. It’s like a win-win situation where you can burn calories while feeling pleasure.

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Age: 23

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Esha Sen

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It helps you feel connected and bonded

Man is a social animal, and no matter how commitment-phobic he is, he cannot live a life of solitude without any partner, or at the least sharing an emotional or physical bond with someone. The extent of the bond depends from person to person, but every human being craves the feeling of companionship, connection and bond with a special someone.

In a world where people are unable to find their special someone, our classic escorts play the role in your life to make you feel connected, understood and loved. They create a bond with you after which you will no more crave the feeling of companionship. They have various tactics to make you feel entertained, well-loved and listened to. The feeling you will probably not get so custom-made in a normal person you date with. Unlike the usual dating scene, on this date you need not worry about establishing a bond as it comes naturally to our professional escorts.

In conclusion, we find that physical intimacy has a lot of positive impact on your physical and emotional well-being. Making love with the divas of Kolkata Escort Service not only helps you aid your physical health, but mental health too. Kolkata Divas offer not just physical intimacy, but a host of other services like companionship services to clients looking to create a bond or find a partner without any commitments.

Now that we know the health benefits of intimacy, let us choose to be happy and feel pleasure rather than just live your life with monotony. Add some spice as well as sweetness to your mundane lives with the top-notch services of Kolkata Escort Agency. Be rest assured that our escorts are the most well-groomed and trained to provide our clients with only the best time, and nothing else.

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