Explained: Difference Between Escort Services And The Streets

There is little differentiation between an escort and a prostitute in the eyes of some. They use each other’s vocabulary in turn. Nonetheless, there is a clear distinction between the two demonstrations that make one legal and the other illegal according to Kolkata’s criminal legislation.

If you’re looking for someone to spend time with you and in return be compensated for it, you should hire an escort through a verified and well-recognized escort agency like us. The beautiful girls spend time talking and having fun with you or going out with you, such as to dinner or a show. They receive compensation for their efforts in assisting you with a pleasurable and heavenly life.

Kolkata is one of a handful of cities where using an escort is perfectly acceptable. They are not allowed to provide sexual services without a proper license, nevertheless. In most jurisdictions, it is unlawful to act as an escort without the proper licensing.

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Service Difference Between Streets and Organized Escort Agencies

In independent Call Girl Service, there is a person who engages in prostitution for financial or other considerations on their very own and can be heavily dangerous and threatening at times both legally and personally. Inappropriate behavior is one of the common stories in the streets of Kolkata mostly including street events.

You can also be charged with a crime if you agree to or ask someone else to take part in a street fun, regardless of whether or not you were involved in physical acts for just enjoyment and to have a good time or any other consideration. This means that both the girl and the client can be held accountable for physical misconduct.

A third party who arranges the encounters between an independent provider and another person can also be held accountable for their actions. The terms “pimp” and “call girl” are often used interchangeably to refer to these individuals.

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How Can Conviction Be Avoided While Enjoyment and Fun?

First of all, don’t go on random streets looking for pleasure and satisfaction, you shall always be careful while getting along with strangers. Never give your complete details luring for enjoyment just to be exploited in exchange for money or other benefits. If you plan to use a street escort, refrain from any suggestive behavior. You shall only seek the services of seduction and enjoyment through reputed and verified Escort Agencies or the troubles can simply be huge.

If you get caught in an activity on the street, do not speak with the police or make any statements if you have been arrested for physical satisfaction, requesting, or a related offense. Instead, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately and smoothen the process of getting released. You are entitled to the privilege of silence and the assistance of legal counsel.

There’s always the chance you’ll need to defend yourself, and you’re giving yourself that chance. To determine the possible legal safeguards that apply to your situation, a lawyer will conduct an audit of the actual reality and conditions in case of serious cases laden upon you.

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Consequences of Getting Convicted For Getting Caught on Streets

If you were wondering, what are the consequences of a prostitution conviction?
A conviction for prostitution or an associated offense will result in a criminal record that may affect subsequent sentencing decisions. Also at stake are your social life, your vocation, and your family life.

The maximum penalty for a first offense of prostitution is six months in jail and a fine of Rs. 100,000. A conviction for prostitution carries a harsher sentence. You will spend at least 45 days in jail and up to half a year behind bars, in addition to paying a fine of Rs. 100,000.

In addition to the penalties for a first-time frame crime, anyone convicted of prostitution for the third time has a mandatory minimum sentence of 90 days in prison. Infuriating stipulations, such as engaging in prostitution near a school, could make your punishment worse.

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